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Low Interest Rate Personal Loans & Finance

Aussie Personal Loans specialise in organising finance for personal items or occasions, large or small. Whether it is your daughter’s wedding, some cosmetic surgery, a new deck on the house or a long overdue vacation, the Real People at Aussie Personal Loans can help.

Aussie Personal Loans has long term associations with a broad range of competitive and trusted lenders which gives us access to great personl finance deals. This means that Aussie Personal Loans can negotiate some of the best loan interest rates for you, no matter what sort of security you’re offering on the loan. It doesn’t matter if you’re retired, or still working; self-employed or on a wage, Aussie Personal Loans will take your situation into consideration when you apply for personal finance and fight to get you the lowest interest rate possible.

For your next personal loan call us on 1300 769 999 or use our online personal loan application form now! If you have more questions about getting a loan with Aussie you can read our FAQ and our Personal Loan Approval Tips.

Banks vs Brokers

There are hundreds of different financial institutions that offer personal finance in todays market. In addition to the major banks, loan companies and brokers are an increasingly popular choice for borrowers.

Loan Calculator

This loan simulation is not an offer and has no legal effect. It is a rough guide only. All interest rates, repayments and other benefits are based on a personalised simulation and certain assumptions and are approximate only.

Personal Loans Defined

A personal loan is a loan made by a bank, credit union or broker to an individual or group for non commercial use. Most personal loans are taken out for purposes such as buying new cars, going on overseas holidays, getting married or completing home renovations.